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Pengfei Group creates a benchmark enterprise of "One Belt, One Road"

2022-11-03 Reading times:

In recent years, Pengfei Group has implemented the new development concept, fully integrated into the new pattern of domestic and international double cycle development, promoted epidemic prevention and control and business development as a whole, consolidated the international market of the "the Belt and Road", accelerated the transformation of stand-alone products to EPC based on accelerating scientific and technological innovation, and worked hard to create a new situation of high-quality development of Pengfei.
Pengfei Group is a world-renowned and influential equipment manufacturer and international engineering general contractor, and one of the few overseas listed companies in the industry. As the largest supplier of building materials and equipment and general contractor of cement projects in Jiangsu Province, Pengfei Group strives to implement the "going global" strategy and actively seeks opportunities in the "the Belt and Road", "connectivity" and "international capacity cooperation". Since this year, Pengfei Group has concentrated its superior resources on the Southeast Asian market, focused on developing the EP projects of grinding stations in Vietnam, Bangladesh and other countries, promoted the adjustment of industrial layout with the production of new workshops, and worked hard to increase the new momentum of Pengfei's development.
”This year, we signed a new contract of 12.9 million US dollars for grinding stations in Burundi and Bangladesh. At the same time, of the foreign projects carried forward in the previous year, nearly 80% were completed in Uzbekistan, nearly 50% in Tajikistan, and the Ivory Coast project was put into operation. " Ben Daolin, executive director of Pengfei Group, said, "The Ivory Coast grinding station project is located in Abidjan Industrial Park, the capital of Ivory Coast. It was completed in January last year and delivered to the owner for operation, with an annual output of 1 million tons of cement."
According to Li Wancong, the on-site service personnel of Pengfei Group in Arasim Project, Kazakhstan, under the influence of the epidemic situation, everyone pulled up their sleeves and worked together to ensure quality while trying to catch up with the progress. Kazakhstan's 1.3 million ton cement stone kiln production line, which was put into operation on November 3, 2019 by the general contractor, currently operates normally with a high operating rate, and has produced 2.6 million tons of cement so far. "Our project was highly praised by the owner, and successfully passed the owner's assessment index of reaching the production capacity and reaching the standard." Li Wancong said proudly.
In addition to the cement project, Pengfei Group also has a place in the nickel industry. In addition to several nickel rotary kilns that have been put into production in Indonesia, there are still many projects under construction.
In addition, Pengfei Group has also made some achievements in the calcination projects of magnesite, lithium and zinc rotary kilns. "Pengfei Group promotes the adjustment of industrial layout with the launch of new workshops, and strives to increase the new momentum of Pengfei's development. At the same time, it orderly promotes the EPC construction of projects under the normal epidemic situation, and creates the high-quality products of Pengfei's' the Belt and Road '. It speeds up the construction progress of ongoing projects, builds high-quality EPC projects in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and other countries, and ensures the synchronization and coordination of civil engineering and on-site installation." Wang Jia'an, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pengfei Group, said firmly, "In the fields of metallurgy, chemical industry and environmental protection, we will not waver in our goals and tasks for the whole year and achieve steady progress in operating benefits."