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The third meeting of national standard drafting working group of technical requirements for complete equipment of lime calcination was held in Pengfei

2021-03-23 Reading times:

The third meeting of national standard drafting working group of technical requirements for complete equipment of lime calcination was held in Pengfei
On March 19, the third meeting of the national standard drafting working group of the National Technical Committee for standardization of building materials and equipment (SAC/TC465) "technical requirements for complete sets of equipment for lime calcination" was held in Pengfei, Jiangsu Province. More than 20 members of the national standard committee, representatives of specially invited guests and representatives of standard participating units from the national building materials industry attended the meeting.
The meeting was presided over by Zhuhua, Deputy Secretary General of China Building Materials Machinery Industry Association, and Chairman Wang Jiaan of Pengfei group introduced the important achievements of the company in preventing and controlling the epidemic situation, carrying out the international and domestic double cycle and promoting the development of enterprises‘ I would like to extend warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all leaders and representatives for their coming!’
Wang Yumin, Secretary General of the national building materials and Equipment Standardization Technical Committee, introduced the drafting work of the national standard "technical conditions for complete sets of lime calcining equipment", and fully affirmed the achievements of the standard drafting working group.
In order to ensure the smooth holding of the standard review meeting, the National Technical Committee of building materials machinery standardization organized the third meeting of the working group, mainly to study and discuss together for comments, refine the content of the standard, pass through the proposed terms of standard modification one by one, unify everyone's opinions, and discuss with the Ministry Focus on the discussion of sub terms to solve the relevant technical problems in the dispute. Representatives from 9 participating units, including Jiangsu Pengfei group, Beijing jiayonghuitong, Sinoma International (Nanjing Institute), Jiangsu Building Materials Design Institute, Yancheng Institute of technology, Nanjing Kaisheng international, xikuang environmental protection, Zhuhai Shunyi and Jiangsu yongsai machinery, attended the meeting.
Zou Jiyu, executive deputy director of national building materials machinery product quality supervision, inspection and testing center, Wang Changbing, director of Engineering Equipment Department of Changshu branch (lime Institute) of Jiangsu building materials research and Design Institute Co., Ltd., and some representatives of Tianjin Cement Industry Design Institute, Nanjing Kaisheng engineering company, CITIC Heavy industry, Jidong equipment, Jiangsu University and Yancheng Institute of technology attended the meeting. At the end of the meeting, we asked everyone to arrange the time node according to the schedule, complete the summary of standard comments and relevant documents as soon as possible, and strive to complete the standard review and approval work from July to August.
Through technological innovation, Jiangsu Pengfei group expands the application of rotary kiln in the field of lime, which has a positive role in promoting energy conservation, emission reduction and circular economy. The company has successively undertaken more than 10 projects of Baosteel Zhanjiang, Dongfang hope, Jinzhong aluminum, Tangshan ganglu and Tangshan Kaiquan with a daily output of 1000 tons of active lime rotary kiln. Other users include Xinjiang tuokesun, Lianfeng iron and steel, Chongqing Iron and Steel Group, Tongling calcium industry, Wuhu calcium industry, Zhongshi calcium industry, etc. they have produced more than 60 sets of lime rotary kilns, integrating the latest manufacturing and information technology to provide an important guarantee for the healthy development of China's lime rotary kiln equipment. One belt, one road, is set up to standardize the leading industry's healthy development, expand the positive impact of international capacity integration, promote transformation and upgrading, expand the influence of all sectors and promote the development of the industry.
Jiangsu Pengfei group is willing to work closely with you, organize personnel and concentrate on the review of standards with the strong support of the national building materials machinery standard committee and building materials Machinery Association. We sincerely hope to get the experts and scholars from the research, manufacturing and production units related to the product actively participate in the industry, actively contact the Standards Committee and us, and propose Reasonable construction opinions shall be given so as to complete the review and approval of the standard as soon as possible.