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slag powder/steel slag powder production line
The general introduction of the technology used in the slag powder/steel slag powder production line with annual capacity of 0.2-1.0million tons
The storage and transport of the wet slag/steel slag: the wet slag/steel slag is transported to factory by truck and storage hall through discharge hopper and belt conveyor. Re-taken away by the forklift, the material is conveyed to slag/steel slag vertical mill directly via belt conveyor after weighed by constant feeder. To remove iron, an electric magnetic iron remover device is installed on belt conveyor.
The grinding and storage of the slag/steel slag: the wet slag/steel slag is transported to the inlet of vertical roller mill by belt conveyor after measured the weight by constant feeder. After dried and ground, the slag powder/steel slag power/steel slag power is conveyed to silos by aerated conveying though and elevator after collected by pulse-jet bag dust collector. The discharged waste slag will be re-fed to the vertical roller mill again via belt conveyor and bucket elevator. An electric magnetic iron remover is installed on waste slag belt conveyor for iron removal. The emission concentration of the air box pulse bag type dust collector is less than 20mg/Nm3. The heat source, used for grinding and drying, is provided by the coal fired hot air furnace that set in front of the vertical roller mill.
Jiangsu Pengfei Group is equipped with advanced technology and can meet the requirements of 1 million tons mineral powder production line.
We can also provide sets of equipment and technical service. The system electric consumption is no more than 40Kwh/t and it meets the environmental emission standards.
The advantages of slag power/steel slag power production lines
1.     Considerable investment returns, 1-2years payback period
The widespread use of slag power brings in its wake an increasing market demand for slag powder production equipment. Investing in this business can get you rewarded with considerable profits on an annual basis. Generally speaking, it would take 1 to 2 years to recoup money on the project.
2.     High productivity and energy efficiency

GRMS series vertical roller mill is thought of as the heart of a complete slag powder production line. Comparing with traditional ball mill, it helps reduce power consumption by 20%-50%. Slag power produced by our line generally by our line generally has a specific surface area of 4200-4500cm2/g, which meets the particle fineness and size distribution requirements. They are ideal admixtures for a variety of Portland cements.

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slag powder/steel slag powder production line
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