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PFG160-140 Rolling Machine
PFG160-140 Rolling Machine
Technical Document PFG160-140 type Rolling Machine
A. Technical parameters
1、Equipment name  PFG160-140 rolling machine
2、Usage           grinding cement clinker
3、QTY            1pc
4、Material         cement clinker etc.
5、Comprehensive moisture       ≤1-1.5%
6、Inlet granularity              Dmax≤60mm
7、Average inlet granularity       Daverage. ≤25mm
8、Outlet granularity           0.08mm about 22%~30%
9、Capacity                  600-720t/h
10、Working mode            continuous
11、Power supply             voltage ~10KV
                            Motor type YR5603-4
12、Layout                  indoor motor power 2×1120KW
13、Roller diameter           1600mm
14、Roller width             1400mm
15、Linear speed             1.47m/s
16、Max. crushing per unit of roller width   70KN/cm2
17、With V type separator:V-XY6817
B. Supply Range
1、Motor: includes main bracket shaft, feeding device, torque support, hydraulic system, lubricating system;
2、Main driving section: includes motor, reducer, coupling, basement;
3、Others: includes motor, control cabinet of rolling machine, foundation bolt, cooling device, hydraulic power accumulator, air inflatable tools one set, wear-resistant welding strip for repair welding 10kg, random specific tools, etc. Detailed supply range please refers to general drawing.
C. Manufacturing standard & technical requirements
1、Roller is made of 42CrMo,normalizing heat treatment, hardness is HB220~260,surface overlaying of main shaft utilizes wear-resistant material while main shaft will be cooled by hollow cooling water.
2、Bracket is made up of upper & lower beam and left & right column, and it is connected by bearing pin and high strength bolts as a whole welding structure, material of main bracket is Q235 steel plate.
3、After welding, the stress of main bracket should be completely relieved in whole.
4、In order to guarantee the stable operation of rolling machine, wear of roller surface isles, extruding efficiency is good to prevent iron block from entering.
5、Main shaft bearing configures thermocouple to monitor temperature of bearing.
6、Normalizing treatment and ultrasonic inspection of roller main shaft should be implemented.
7、Painting of rolling machine should be even, color should be the same and there is no liquidity and drops hanging.
8、Control cabinet of rolling machine could configure central concentrated control connector, control cabinet PLC should be SIEMENS product.
9、Extruder base should comply with JC/T845-1999 industrial standard.
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