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PFG180-120 type Roller Presser
PFG180-120 type Roller Presser
Technical document of PFG180-120 type roller presser
A. Technical parameters
1、Equipment name    PFG180-120 type roller presser
2、Usage             grinding cement clinker
3、QTY              1pc
4、Material name       cement clinker, etc.
5、Comprehensive moisture   ≤1~1.5%
6、Inlet granularity      5% is no more than 80mm, 95% is no more than 50mm
7、Outlet granularity     over 60% is less than 2mm,20% is less than 0.09mm
8、Capacity          Average     650~800 t/h
                    Max.       800 t/h
9、 Working system   Continuous
10、Power supply     Voltage      10000V
                    Motor type   YRKK630-6
11、Layout           Indoor
12、Required power   2×1250 kW
13、Roller diameter   1800mm
14、Roller width      1200mm
15、Roller rotating speed  18.5 r/min
16、Equipment weight    ~235.0 t
17、Manufacturer        Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co.,Ltd
B. Supply range & specification of main spare parts
Supply range:
1、Motor: including bracket, feeding device, torque support, hydraulic system, lubricating system;
2、Main driving section: including motor, reducer, coupling, basement;
3、Others; including starter of motor, roller controller, foundation bolt, cooling device, wear-resistant welding rod for repair welding 10kg, random special tools, etc. Dtailed supply range please refers to general drawing of Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd, each equipment mainly includes:
1)Main bracket
2)Main shaft
3)Bearing base
4)Main shaft
6)Main motor      
7)Driving shaft
8)Motor base     
9)Hydraulic system      
10)Foundation bolts
11)Automatic dry oil lubricating system (including motorized filling pump)
C. Technical documents & schedule supplied by seller
1、General assembly drawing of roller press       2sets
2、Instruction of roller press                    1set
3、Packing list                               1set
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