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HRM1700 vertical mill
HRM1700 vertical mill
一、   Technical parameters:
1.  Disc diameter:φ1700mm
2.  Roller dismeter:φ1400mm
3.  Rotating speed of disc:~rpm
4.  Main motor:***4506-6   315Kw     10Kv
5.  Production:≥20~28T/H(RO.08≤3%)
6.  Max. inlet grin size:75%≤25mm   Max≤60mm
7.  Type of motor (separator):***225S-4   37Kw   IP54
8.  Rotating speed of separator:50~180r/min
9.  Mill inlet temperature:≤300°C
10. Mill outlet temperature:≤80°C~95°C
11. Inlet material moisture content:≤15%
12. Air volume:~70000m3/h
13. Pressure drop:4~6.5KPa
14. Pressure of hydraulic system:8~12MPa
15. Reducer:***30
16. Thin oil station type:XHZ-200
17. Hydraulic station type:D-700
18. Disc liner:*T,HRC60
19. Roller cover:*20Mo2-GT,HRC60
20. Middle cover:Q235-A
21. Lower cover:Q235-A
22. Roller shaft:45Cr
23. Roller core:ZG270-570
24. Moveable arm:ZG270-570
25. Swing arm:ZG270-570
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