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Minging mill
The cylindrical mill adopts the driving type of edge-driving, center-driving-driving with multi-point meshing, etc; driven by asynchronous motor + reducer +pinion and gear as well as synchronous motor +air clutch +pinion and gear;
Generally supported by static-dynamic pressure bearings on both ends. Fully closed selfaligning  120°osculation rocker bearing is used. Also single or double slipper-dynamic bearings can be used. The bush is made by NC machine;
The large open gear is designed using AGMA standard, equipped with reliably sealed housing and grease automatic spraying lubrication system;
The shell is key part of a mill. Carry out finite element analysis on it with computer to ensure the reliable operation;
The shell is automatically welded, ultrasonic inspected, wholly annealed and machined by large special machine tools on one chucking; there are special seal on static-dynamic connection parts;
Such as feed and discharge hopper, trunnion, etc, to prevent oil and slurry leakage;
The liner is of wear-resistance material made by our company, which has been specially heat-treated, with high hardness and long service life. Also other wear-resistance casting or rubber liner can be used;
There are slow speed drive for medium and large mill;
The high and low pressure lubricating station is equipment for medium and large mill;
The control and protection system is controlled by PLC.
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Minging mill
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