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Double Level Feeding/Circle Grinding Micro Powder Tube Mill
Double Level Feeding/Circle Grinding Micro Powder Tube Mill
At present, the designed technical parameters of old style tube mill and ball mill used in the market could only be used for grinding the material with fineness of about 80μm, thus we call they are fine grinding equipment. The defect is material with different grain will enter into mill from one inlet, the fineness of grinded material is not even and the percent of pass is low, so it should equip with extra outer separating equipment. Thus requested equipments are more and the process is more complicated when designing the grinding process and the investment is larger. Meanwhile tube mill and ball mill with these configure is not suitable for the new grinding process design. As now the fineness of grinded finish product for new designed material grinding equipment is about 40μm. After implementation of new cement standards, it requests more cement clinker to be used, the Blaine of product increases compared to the old standard which will reduce the output of mill, power consumption per ton cement becomes higher, so old style tube mill couldn’t meet current request. Jiangsu Pengfei Group based on the experiences of development on high efficiency energy-saving ball mill for years, we developed double feeding, circle grinding micro-powder tube mill which has following characters:
1)The material with worse grindability and grain will be sent into front bin alone, due to the special grinding character of mill, the material with larger grain after screened will be discharged through the discharging device on circle of shell, then they are sent into circle feed back pipe on the outer of shell and they will be sent into front feed back device for re-grinding along with rotating of shell, until the grain of material is less than the hole of screen, they will be discharged, which make a better basis for finer grinding of next bin.
2)Mixed material with better grindability and powder material of last bin enter into 2nd bin or middle bin for fine grinding which figure out the defects caused as multi materials enter into front bin of mill for grinding of current grinding process.
3)      Figure out the short grinding time of material which is hard to be grinded of
open-circuit, for example among cement finish product, rough Blaine of the grain of cement clinker is little which couldn’t develop the their whole intension.
4)Figure out the problem of large investment, hard management, large assorted power caused adding grate equipment for close-circuit mill.
5)Solve the problem that the fineness pass of percent is low though the Blaine of products manufactured by open-circuit mill is high, in order to reduce the fineness qualified rate, we only could reduce the output of each equipment in unit time, but now the output of each equipment in unit time increases over 25%。
6)The percent of pass for the material screened increases as the Blaine is larger, so under the same cement strength grade, volume of cement clinker could be reduced while the volume of mixture could be added which will cut down the cement production cost meanwhile the benefit rate will increase.
7)Mill could not only save over 10% power after utilizing roll bearings, but also avoid stopping production due to be lack of oil and water or increasing temperature of tile when take use old style roll bearing (coal tile), this has reduce the maintenance volume and largely increase operation rate of equipments.
8)For the cement enterprises with smaller workshop and less fund, before mill could not equip with clinker crusher as first bin of micro-power mill has the function to finish the crushing and grinding at one time.
    9) While this technology could be used for technical improvement of old style mill, which could also get a better effect.
Old style tube mill is used for micro-powder grinding and in the market which is thought to have higher power consumption, lower output and worse benefit for enterprises.  While after utilizing this new developed micro-powder mill, the process and equipments for micro-powder grinding has reached a new level that reduced the power consumption compared to that of old style tube mill, meanwhile it could get even grain, stable fineness. Others it could largely raise the output of each machine in unit time, save lubrication oil and increase operation rate of equipments. And the new technology stated as above could be used for technical improvement of old style mill which will get the same effect as that of micro-powder mill.
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Double Level Feeding/Circle Grinding Micro Powder Tube Mill
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