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1000,000 TPY Double Cement Production Line with One Segment
1000,000 TPY Double Cement Production Line with One Segment Grinding Process
Take use two superfine grinding mill in parallel, whose type is Φ3.6×14m. The motor power is almost the same as single line double segment and double line double segment. Motor power of a equipment is 2240kw, so that of two is 4480kw, as the numbers of equipment is less, the electricity consumption is less than that of other two processing. The power of a equipment in one hour is 30kw, the electricity consumption of grinding system is under 27kw.h. Each ton cement will saves about 8kw.h, that is to say millions tons of cement will save about over 5 million yuan. The output of a equipment in an hour will be 160tons. Total investment of system equipments will be about 16 million Yuan. The investment of cement grinding system is 100,000 Yuan of a equipment in one hour, which saves 10 million Yuan. And these equipments implement the optimizing design of multi points feeding & individual grinding, so the output of cement is higher, strength is better, cost is lower and profit is larger. Now pls find the new technological configuration as follows:
1. Delete the pre-crushing and pre-grinding equipment before mill, the numbers of equipments is less, the processing is simpler, and the maintenance is less. 
2. First bin equipped with screening circle- grinding technology and superfine grinding work will be finished inside of first bin, meanwhile the raw material with worse grind ability and larger volume will be screened after going into front bin, the larger powder will be discharged by the discharge device on the shell, then go into circle oversize return tube on the out surface of shell, after that, they will be sent to oversize return device for re-grinding in front complying with the rotating of shell, and they will be discharged until the diameter of power is less than the hole diameter of screening. The power meet the size for 2nd bin should be smaller than 1mm which is a very good basis for superfine grinding in 2nd bin. While 2nd bin equipped with double level loading device, mixture with good grindability (such as Gypsum, Limestone powder,  fly ash, slag, superfine slag powder, etc) together with powdery material will go into 2nd bin  or middle bin for superfine grinding, which overcomes lots defects of current grinding process that multi kinds of raw material will go into front bin of ball mill.
3. Main shaft takes use LMGU antifriction shaft of mill.
4、Inside of mill take use U type structure, no need for high and large workshop, which will request less construction cost. And the total power for cement manufacturing system is less than 5000kw which is 1000kw less than that of roller machine.
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