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New type Pre-grinding Vertical Rolelr Mill
PRM type Vertical Roller Mill
(New type pre-grinding vertical roller mill)

    PRM vertical roller mill is: three symmetrical rotating roller will rotate comply with disc to cut, extrude and grinding the material on disc with the function of high pressure, its special roller shape design and material layer grinding technology, greatly reduced power consumption for each unit and it is widely used for material grinding process in building material, metallurgical, chemical industries, etc. While it could be utilized together with ball mill to be circular pre-grinding, circular classifying & pre-grinding and final grinding system. Integrative grinding power consumption decreased 30% - 50%, while the production increased 50% - 100% which implements the target of energy saving, emission reduction, high production & low consumption of high efficient grinding, and it has really high economical and social benefit.   

PRMvertical roller mill is mainly composed of motor, reducer, disc, roller, hydraulic device, lubricating device, etc. Material will enter into centre of disc via feeding chute, then they will be thrown into grinding area with the function of centrifugal force caused by the rotating of disc and material will be extruded and grinded by pressed roller. Grinded material will fall into the lower part of cover via outer section of disc, then they will enter into discharging chute by scraper and be discharged. The characters of this system:

 1. Roller utilizes forced lubricating oil feeding type to efficiently avoid powder entering into bearing and utilizes double sealing mechanism of forces venting air seal and reinforced seal.
2. Liner of disc and surface of roller utilize high-chromium iron with longer useful life (>30000Hr), and it is easy to change.
3. Reducer utilizes hydrostatic lubricating system, utilizes sensor to monitor the oil pressure and oil temperature of thrust bush to ensure the stability of operation.
4. Hydraulic oil station utilizes batch & following working method, configures advanced following monitoring elements to have continuous and uninterrupted check on the operating status of equipment, improves the system operating condition and extends the useful life of elements.
5. Improve production and reduce consumption and the effect is obvious. Utilizing this equipment for grinding process implements that the new grinding technology with extruding and cutting force is widely promoted, which has better grinding effect compared to current roller presser. And the cement raw material grinding capacity could increase 100%, cement clinker producing capacity could increase 50% while power consumption could decrease 30% - 40%, and it formed the grinding system with ball mill which makes the regulating range of product fineness wider and the cement compressive strength obviously be improved.
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