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Alumina Production Equipment
Alumina Production Equipment
1        Crusher and Grinding Equipment
1.1 General Description  1.1.1  Crushing Class  1.1.2 Determination of supplies¨ diameter  1.1.3  Crushing Rate Degree of Crushing 1.1.4  Supplies¨ Friability  1.1.5 Crushing System  1.1.6 Crushing Theory  1.1.7 Crushing Way 
    1.2Jaw Crusher  1.2.1Classification and Working Principle  1.2.2Simple Swing Type Jaw Crusher  1.2.3 Complicated Swing Type Jaw Crusher  1.2.4Hydraulic Jaw Crusher   1.2.5Operation and Maintenance of Jaw Crusher
 1.3  Circular Cone Crusher  1.3.1 Classification and Usage  1.3.2Circular Cone Primary Crusher  1.3.3Operation and Maintenance of Rotary Crusher  1.3.4 Comparison between Rotary Crusher and Jaw Crusher   1.3.5 Circular Cone Fine Crusher  1.3.6 Operation Rules for Circular Cone Crusher
 1.4Other Types Crusher 1.4.1 Counterattack Type Crusher  1.4.2  Hammer Type Crusher  1.4.3 Advantage and Shortcomings of each type crusher
  1.5Ball Mill  1.5.1General Description  1.5.2Working Principle and Working Parameter of Ball Mill   1.5.3 Type, Structure and Specification of Ball Mill  1.5.4 Operation and Maintenance of Ball Mill   
 2.Solid Conveying Equipment 
2.1 Belt Conveyor  2.1.1General Description  2.1.2Construction and Application of Belt Conveyor  2.1.3 Using Scope for Belt Conveyor   2.1.4 Installation Requirements of Belt Conveyor  2.1.5 Usage and Maintenance of Belt Conveyor 
2.2 Screw Conveyor  2.2.1 General Description  2.2.2Structure of Screw Conveyor  2.2.3 Technical Characteristic of Screw Conveyor  2.2.4 Application Scope, Advantage & Shortcomings of Screw Conveyor  2.2.5Installation and Adjustment of GX type Screw Conveyor  2.2.6 Usage and Maintenance Management of Screw Conveyor 
    2.3 Bucket Elevator  2.3.1 General Description  2.3.2Structure of Bucket Elevator  2.3.3 Type and Calculated Capacity of Bucket Elevator  2.3.4 Debugging Requirements for Bucket Elevator  2.3.5 Usage and Maintenance Management of Bucket Elevator  2.3.6 Common Malfunction Removing of HL type Bucket Elevator 
    2.4 Platform Conveyor  2.4.1 General Description  2.4.2 Structure of Platform Conveyor  2.4.3 Adjustment of Platform Conveyor  2.4.4 Usage and Maintenance Management of Platform Conveyor 
    2.5 Airslide Device  2.5.1 General Description  2.5.2 Principle for Airslide  2.5.3Equipment for Airslide  2.5.4 Installation Requirements of Double Shell Airslide Pump  2.5.5  Operation and Management of Double Shell Airslide Pump 
    3.Calcining Equipment 
    3.1 Lime Furnace  3.1.1  General Description  3.1.2  Structure and Technical Performance of Lime Furnace  3.1.3  Usage and Maintenance of Lime Furnace  3.1.4  Several Issues during the normal observation of Lime Furnace   3.1.5 Operation Failure and Treatment of Lime Furnace 
 3.2 Rotary Kiln  3.2.1 General Description  3.2.2 Production Estimation and Specification of Rotary Kiln  3.2.3 Structure of Rotary Kiln  3.2.4 Usage and Maintenance of Rotary Kiln  3.2.5 Roller Adjustment  3.2.6 Common Difficulties and Treatment of Rotary Kiln Maintenance   3.2.7 Adjustment and Maintenance of Calcining Kiln  
    3.3  Cooling Machine  3.3.1 General Machine  3.3.2  Single Cylinder Cooling Machine  3.3.3 Multi-Cylinder Cooling Machine 
    4  Flowing and Conveying Equipment for Liquid 
    4.1  Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics  4.1.1 Fluids Statics  4.1.2 Fluid Dynamics     4.1.3 Flow Resistance for Liquid inside tube     
    4.2 Liquid Conveying Equipment  4.2.1 Pump  4.2.2 Usage and Maintenance of Pump
 4.3 Airslide Euipment  4.3.1 Compressor  4.3.2 Blowing Machine  4.3.3 Usage and Maintenance of Centrifugal Blower  4.3.4 Centrifugal Fan  4.3.5 Vacuum Pump
 5   Wet Process Equipment 
    5.1 Container  5.1.1 Container¨s Structure   5.1.2 Correct Usage  5.1.3 Maintenance  5.1.4 Common Malfunction & Removing Way  5.1.5 Pressure Cooking Device 
    5.2 High Pressure Stripping Device  5.2.1 High Pressure Stripping Device directly heated by Steam  5.2.2High Pressure Stripping Device indirectly heated by Steam 
    5.3  Sedimentation Tank  5.3.1  Concept & Principle for Sedimentation and Sedimentation Area Calculation  5.3.2 Structure, Type and Specification of Sedimentation 5.3.3Installation for Sedimentation Tank  5.3.4Usage and Maintenance of Sedimentation  5.3.5 Common Malfunction Reasons and Treatment
  5.4 Filter  5.4.1  Basic Characteristic for Filtering Process  5.4.2 Application for Basic Filtering Way  5.4.3 Main Type, Structure and Application of Filter  5.4.4 Mechanical Calculation for Filter  5.4.5 Usage and Maintenance of Filter  5.4.6 Overhaul  5.4.7 Test Run and Malfunction Removing 
    5.5 Detachment Equipment  5.5.1 Plate Heat Exchanger  5.5.2   5.5.3  
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Alumina Production Equipment
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