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PFG120-45 type Roller Mill
Technical parameters and supply scope of PFG120-45 type Roller Mill
一、    Technical Parameters
1、 Equipment Name      PFG120-45 type Roller Mill
2、Use                   Used for cement clinker grinding
3、 QTY                  1pc
4、Material Name         Cement Raw Material/Cement Clinker, etc.
5、Integrate Water Content                 ≤1-1.5%
6、Granularity of loaded material           Dmax≤70mm
7、Average granularity of loaded material   D平均≤25mm
8、Granularity of discharged material        0.08mm accounts for over 25%
9、Producing Capacity      100-140t/h
10、Working Rules        Continuous
11、Power Supply         Voltage ~380V
        Motor Type Y355L-8
12、Layout Methods       Power of indoor used motor 2×220KW
13、Diameter of roller      1200mm
14、Width of roller      450mm
15、Line Speed        1.48m/s
16、Max. breaking force for each unit of roller width70KN/cm
二、Supply Scope and Specification of Main Parts
Supply Scope:
1、Main Machine: includes shaft series of main machine brackets, loading device, torque support, hydraulic system, lubrication system;
2、Main Transmission Part: includes electric motor, reduction box,  coupler, base
3、Others: includes motor, controlling cabinet of roller mill, foundation bolt, cooling device, one set air charge tools of hydraulic power accumulator, 10kg anti-friction welding rod for repairing welding, special tools and so on. Detailed supply scope should subject to the master plan. Each includes:
(1)   Main Bracket
            Material Quality:Q235
            Welded Parts
            QTY: 1set
(2)   Main bering- axis body of main bearing
            Material Quality: 45 forging pieces
QTY: 2pcs
Surface: Anti-friction material bead weld HRC≥55
(3)  Base of bearing
           Material Quality: ZG270-500
           QTY: 4pcs  with cool water groove
(4) Main bearing
            Type: 23296CAK/W
            QTY: 4sets
           Manufacturer: Bearing Factory
(5)Reduction Box
         Type: XGF38-31.5
         QTY: 2sets equipped with 1set of lubrication oil station
         Manufacturer: Reduction Box Factory
(6)Main Motor
         Type: Y355M-8
         QTY: 2pcs
(7)Gimbal Transmission Shaft
         QTY: 2sets
(8)Base of motor
         QTY: 2pcs
(9)Hydraulic System
         Type: Hydraulic Station 16Mpa, flux: 20L/min
         QTY: 1set
         Motor: Y132S-4-5.5KW   1pc
(10)Foundation bolt
          QTY: 1set
(11)Temperature Testing Parts
          Type: pt-100
          QTY: 4pcs bearings, 2pcs reduction box
(12)Automatic Dry Oil Lubrication System
          QTY: 1set
          Motor: 1pc YS7714-J 370W
(13)Distance between rollers – inductive sensor
        Stroke: 80mm, Output 4~20mA, precision: 0.1%
(14)Working Pressure Tester for Hydraulic System – Pressure Sensor
(15)Lubrication System of Reduction Box
          QTY: 1set
          Electric Power: 1pc Y80L-4-0.75KW
三、Manufacturing Standards & Technical Requirements
  1、Main part of roller is 42CrMo, normalizing hot treatment could gain the hardness of HB220-260, surface of main shaft bead welded with anti-friction material and main shaft takes use cooling water for cool.
2、Bracket structure composes of up & down beams and left & right columns, bearing pin and high strength bolt connect to be a whole frame welding structure and material of main bracket are Q235 steel plate. 
3、After welding the main bracket should eliminate stress relieved treatment for the whole bracket.
4、In order to ensure safe and stable operation of roller mill, lower surface abrasion of roller, better extruding effect, we should prevent the steel alloy and other foreign bodies from entering.
5、The thermocouple is equipped with main bearding for monitoring the temperature of bearing.
6、Main bearings of roller should be treated by normalizing and made the flaw detection by ultrasound.
7、Painting of roller mill should be even with same tone and there is no flowing or drop hanging appearance.
8、Control cabinet of roller mill could equip with centralized control connector and the control cabinet PLC is manufactured by Siemens.
9、Base of extruder could accord with JC/T845-1999 industrial standard.
四、Technical documents and time supplied by seller
1、General Assembly drawing of roller mill   1 set
2、List of quick-wear part    1set
3、Using Instruction of roller mill   1set
4、Packing list          1set
 Concerning above documents, first item should be supplied in one week once the contract are signed in duplicate, rest items should be supplied together with products.
五、Quality Guarantee & After Sell Service
1、According to National Rules, we implement three guarantees, once there is a problem, seller will go to treat in site in time after noticed by buyer, all the damage of spare parts due to quality defects, seller will compensate for free, except the accident caused by abnormal operation;
2、Once the equipments arrive, during the process of installation and trial running, seller should send somebody to help installation and debugging until the equipments meet the requests.
Jiangsu Pengfei Group has the great comprehensive ability to prvide best quality service with manufacturing and debugging of cement rotary kiln production line under the capacity of 8000tons.
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