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φ3.5×13m High fine mill ( Edge-driving transmission)
φ3.5×13m High fine mill
( Edge-driving transmission)
    一、Relevant technical parameters and performances of cement mill
    1、 Sepc.:φ3.5×13m( Closed circuit)
    2、 Chambers:3
3、 Capacity: 55-65t/h (Normal Portland cement, inlet grian size ≤25mm, inlet moisture content≤0.5%, inlet temperature≤50℃, air speed of mill: 0.5-0.7m/s,Blaine≥320m2/kg)
4、 Rotating speed of mill:17.5r/min
    5、 Main motor
          Type:YR2000-8/1730( Heavy power)
          Power:2000kW   (6KV  or 10KV)
          Rotating speed:740r/min
6、 Reducer:JDX1000 
        Transmission power:2000kW
        Input rotating speed:740r/min
        Speed ratio:I=6.3
    7、 Auxiliary motor
          Motor power: 30kW
          Rotating speed of motor:970r/min
8、 Auxiliary reducer:
          Input rotating speed:970r/min
          Speed ratio:I=100
9、 Thin oil station of main bearing(GYXZ-63A)
    (1) LOW VOLTAGE system
        Flow rate:40L/min    Oil supply pressure:0.4MPa
        Oil supply temperature:40±3℃
        Motor:Y112M-6   2.2kW
    (2)  HIGH VOLTAGE system
         Pump type:2.5MCY14-1B
         Flow rate:2.5L/min
         Oil supply pressure:32MPa
         Motor:Y112M-6  2.2kW
    (3) Cooling water consumption:3-6m3/h
         Heater power:3kW×3
         Working media:N220-N320
10、Total weight of mill:*t
    二、 Main spare parts and material quality
    1、 Shell Q235-B  δ=40mm( Two ends δ=44mm)
    2、 Hollow shaft  ZG230-450
    3、 Min bush: Lower part HT250
                 Bush bodyHT250
                 Bush liner( Babbitt Metal ZchSnSb11-6)
    4、Liner: Chromium alloy steel
    5、 Thin oil station  GYXZ-63A
    6、 Control cabinet & start cabinet
   三、 Supply range

1、 Rotary section (including bull gear & hollow shaft)
2、 Feeding device
3、 Main bearing device (including bush)
4、 Discharging device
5、 Liner & diaphram
6、 Main motor
1 pc
7、 Main reducer
8、 Auxiliary motor
9、 Auxiliary reducer
10、 Thin oil station GYXZ-63A
11、Control cabinet (including HIGH VOLTAGE control, LOW VOLTAGE control & thin oil station control)
12、 Coupling
1pc per set
13、 Anchor bolts

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