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φ3.2×(6.75+2)m Coal mill
Technical parameters ofφ3.2×9m coal mill
一、Main technical parameters & performances
1.  Sepc.:φ3.2×(6.75+2)m
2.  Length of drying chamber:2m
3.  Length of grinding chamber:6.75m
4.  Grinding material: blind coal
5.  Capacity:20-22t/h
6. Mill inlet raw coal grian size ≤25mm,Residue 2%, mill outlet coal powder fineness:80μm
7.  Mill inlet raw coal moisture content≤12%,Outlet coal powder moisture content≤1%
8.  Mill inlet air temperature <350℃  Mill outlet air temperature: 60-80℃
9.  Rotating speed of mill:17.3r/min
10.  Transmission type: edge driving
11.  Max. ball load:54t
12.  Filling rate:23.5%
13. Cooling water consumption of main bearing:2m3/h
14.  Cooling water consumption of slide shoe bearing:3.5m3/h
15.  Water consumption of thin oil station of main reducer: 5.7m3/h
16.  Water consumption of lubrication device of slide shoe bearing: 3.8m3/h
17.   Water consumption of lubrication device of main bearing: 1.5m3/h
18.   Main motor: Type YRKK560-8  IP54
Motor voltage10KV
Rotating speed at full load: 741r/min
19.  Main reducer: Type JDX630
                 Speed ratio:5
                 Input rotating speed:741r/min
20. Slow driving motor:  Type Y200L-8  IP44   Power 15KW
Rotating speed at full load:730r/min  Voltage:380V
21.  Slow driving reducer:  Type ZSY250-90-I  Speed ratio:I=90
Disc rotating speed:19r/min  Input rotating speed:730r/min
22.             Cooling type: water cooling
23.             High/Low pressure oil station of main bearing:XGD-A2.5/25
    (1)Low pressure system:
       Flow rate 25L/min
      Oil supply pressure:0.5MPa
      Oil supply temperature:40±3℃
       Motor:Y90L-4  1.5kW
    (2)Hihg pressure system:
       Flow rate:3.5 L/min
       Oil supply pressure:32MPa
       Motor:Y100L1-4  2.2kW
(3) Oil electrical heater SRYZ-220/2   Power 2kW   Voltage 220V
(4) Differential pressure transmitter CS-V-0.155W  220V,0.25A
24.        High/Low pressure oil station of slide shoe bearing:XGD-A2×2.5/63
      (1) Low pressure system:
        Flow rate:63L/min
        Nominal pressure:0.63MPa
        Motor Y112M-6   Power2.2kW   Rotating speed:940r/min   Voltage380V
      (2) High pressure system
         Flow rate:2.5L/min
        Nominal pressure:32MPa
        Motor Y100L1-4   Power 2.2kW
       (3) Oil cooler GLC3-10/0.63   Cooling area:10m2
             Nominal pressure:0.63MPa   Rotating speed:1430r/min   Voltage 380V
       (4) Differential pressure transmitter:CS-Ⅲ   Power:0.055kW   Voltage:220V
       (5) Electrical heater:SRYZ-220/3   Power:3KW   Voltage:220V
25.     Total equipment weight:-t
( Total equipment weight is 129t except motor and reducer).
二、 Main spare parts and material quality
    1、 Main motor  YRKK560-8  710kW   10KV
    2、 Main reducer JDX630-5
3、 Shell Q235-B  δ=30mm   Entire annealing
4、 Slide ring 20g-Z25
    5、 Hollow shaft  ZG230-450
    6、 Main bush: Lower part HT250
                 Bush body HT250
                 Bush liner(巴氏合金Babbitt ZchSnSb11-6)
                 Bump ball base:34CrNi3MoA/45
                 Idler roller:45
    7、 Liner: Chromium alloy
    8、 Thin oil station XGD-A2.5/25/XGD-A2×2.5/63
9、 Control cabinet & start cabinet
   三、 Supply range

1、  Rotary section
2、  Feed device
3、  Main bearing device
4、  Slide shoe bearing device
5、  Discharge device
6、  Liner & diaphram
7、 Transmission device (bull gear, pinion & transmission base, etc. )
1 set per pc
8、 Main motor
9、 Main reducer
10、 Auxiliary motor
11、 Auxiliary reducer
1 pc
12、 Coupling
1 set per pc
13、 Base of motor & reducer
1 set per pc
14、 Thin oil station
2 pcs
15、 Gear cover
1 pc
16、  Control cabinet (full high pressure control, low pressure start, thin oil station control)
1 pc

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