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Production process of Magnesia metal
Production process of Magnesia metal
1.1 Project description
In order to adequately utilizes the limestone resources from all the country to improve industrial structure, develop and promote local economy, Jiangsu Pengfei Group make the inspection for the supply & selling condition of Magnesia metal and process condition of silicothermic process magnesium smelting to make 《feasibility report of magnesia metal project》.
1.2 Usage of Magnesia
Magnesia is a kind of metal with heavy quality (specific gravity: 1.74), active chemical property, good conductivity and heat-conducting property. It could be used together with other metal (especially aluminum) to form high strength slight alloy with excellent mechanical performance, stable chemical stability and strong anti-corrosion which is widely used in all sides of modern industries. Magnesia could be used as reducer of various metal (such as titanium production) which could be used as nodularizer for compacted graphite cast iron production. In 70s, Magnesia is developed to be used as desulfurizerfor of good steel, compared with traditional desulfurization method, process is simple, utilizing ratio is high, effect is good which has improved the castability, drawability, welding performances and impact flexibility of steel, improved reliability and useful life of steel and decreased structure weight, especially that it could meet the reqirements of oil & gas conveying pipes. Maganesia powder and magnesia bar is easy for burning which could be used as artifical light source, fireworks, chemical flare, signal flare, etc. Aluminum alloy is the max. customer of magnesia, aluminum magnesium alloy has good corrosion resistance and high strength which is easy for welding, aluminum alloy is widely used for food packing & drink can, etc.  Besides this, it is widely used for transportation, aviation, defense industry, cable industry, construction industry, etc. and magnesia will have extensive future as high energy storage material.
1.3 Market & forcasting of Magnesia
At present, there are more than ten countries producing magnesia which is about 18 countries, while equipment production is about 400,000t, among them, Canada, Japan, etc. takes use of thermal method to produce magnesia while annual production is above 30,000t, as magnesia is developed to be widely utilized in commercial market and space technology which promot the sable increasing on magnesia production, in 1988, annual maganesia production of each western countries reaches 241,200t, during 62-70, average increasing interest of maganesia production in the world should be 12.92%,71-80 should be 4.18%. While according to the supply & demand forcast in the world, the maganesia capacity of western countries will reach 366,000t in 1993 and the consumption is 397,000t. From the 70s, the sales price of magnesia is increasing stably in international market, while the international sales price is USD 3586 per ton in international market.  In 1990,  Amercan market price is USD 3515.6-3527.4 per ton,while in 1995 international market price of the first quarter is USD 3600 per ton.
Maganesia production of our contry developed so slowly, thus maganesium metal is always the material in short for the raw material industry, according to the 10 years statistics from 70 -79, 53% of average annal quantum was imported, the toal quantity should be 23412.23t for these ten years, imported magnesia is 33179t, total consumption quantum is 54745t,average annual consumption is 5757.8t,the demand of magnesia keep increasing from 80s, imported maganesia has increased each year. In recent years, local demand, imported & exported quantity of aluminum alloy and RE-Si-Mg alloy increased rapidly, magnesia consumption increased rapidly.  Rate between aluminum & magnesia in our country was 1.44 in 70s, and worldwide rate between aluminum & magnesia during 1971-1985 was 1.76-2.17, if we forecasted the demand on magnesia according to our aluminum industry developing plan, the rate between aluminum and magnesia in 1900 should be 1.5, and the magnesia consumption should be 20,000t, unitl 2000, the rate will reach  2 and the maganesia consumption will reach 50,000t.
At present, the capacity of Fushun Aluminum Factory has been enlarged to 6000tpd for we process magnesia production in our country, the 1st construction of Qinghai Minhe Magnesia Factory is finished whose capacity is 4000tpd, besides these, during 1978-1994, medium & small scale magnesia factories of our countries has been developed greatly, until Aug. of 1993, the total magnesia capacity of our country reached 20,000-25,000t, actual annual maganesia production has reached 15,000t meanwhile national usage should be over 30,000t.
Since 1992, sales price of magnesia has grown steadily, until Sep. of 1994, local sales price was CNY 28,500 – 31,000 per ton. Besides, the task of exporation to Japan on Magnesia was 300t for first half year in 1993, but in fact it was 100t.
      Composition of workshop: Raw material workshop, Reduction workshop, refining workshop, etc.
      Product solution: normal magnesium ingot, better than second class
1.6.3 Process solution
Refining plant choose to utilizes heat process for refining magnesia process, this process flow is simple, the investment is small, construction circle is short without pollution which is suitable for medium and small scale enterprises. Henan metallurgy design institute developed silicothermic process utilizing coal as fuel for magnesia refining which has been approved provincial level identification in Mar. of 1988, under normal condition, each 100kg material ball could produce 12-15kg rough maganesia, returning rate of refining reaches over 82%. According to analysis and description on technical & economical marks for the manufacturers utilizing different fuels, there is no obvious difference bettwen coal reducing furnace and gas reducing furnace, the heat cost of gas fuel is CNY 2277 per ton higher, compared to coal under the same condition of each can rough maganesia. Under construction investment, the basic investment of gas station is about 30% of the total investment and the rotary kiln investment is about 20% of total investment amount.
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