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Active Lime Production Line
Active Lime Production Line
Jiangsu Pengfei Group specially focused on developing and manufacturing of large-scale rotary kiln and ball mill, and we have comprehensive ability to supply the best service on turn-key basis with complete equipments, designing, installation and debugging of new type dry process cement production line with daily capacity under 10,000tons as well as the active lime production line with daily capacity under 1200tons. Active lime is widely used in steel industry, alumina industry, magnesium metal industry, calcium carbide industry, power plant desulfurization paper industry. While active lime is important auxiliary material for steel-making which could improve quality of molten steel, raise output, cut down consumption and cost and enhance the stability of operation.
Proved by practicing, the enterprises who utilizing active lime for steel-making
have gained obvious economic benefits. During last 10 years,  steel output has increased 40% by utilizing lime, however the percent that high-level lime with over 300ml activity accounts for the whole lime for steel making increased from 27% to 29.5% which only increased 2.5%.
1. According to steel-making, active lime could improve the efficiency of desulfurization and dephosphorization as 80% meanwhile it could shorten the smelting time. In 3~5 minutes, it could finish the adequate reaction with acid matter in molten steel but the lime reaction time of vertical kiln should be at least 6-10 minutes. Others it could increase over 40% furnace ridge and furnace material consumption could decrease 5-8kg per ton steel, so if we calculated as 10 million tons, it could save 15million tons each year, thus the benefits is obvious.
2. The desulfurization and dephosphorization efficiency of active lime obviously increases, average desulfurization ratio of steel-making could reach 34.5%, the effect is especially obvious for molten steel with hight-level S (S≥0.06%), while the consumption of desulfurizer could decrease about 45%.
3、Utilizing active lime could cut down 5-15kg steel material consumption for each ton steel; reduce the molten steel splashing and gluing oxygen lance furnace mouth & fluepipe compared to using unreative lime.
4. Lime consumption decreases:Utilizing active lime could cut down 20-25kg steel material consumption for each ton steel compared to using uncreative lime, however using unreactive lime, lime consumption on each ton steel is not less than 65-70kg, while active lime is only 40-41.5kg.
5.  Active lime quicken steel-making and slag-making, the capacity of desulfurization and dephosphorization is obvious, manufacturing efficiency could increase 5%-10%.
Advantages of Active Lime Rotary Kiln Production Line
1. Output of rotary kiln is high which is suitable large-scale active lime production line, meanwhile the lime rotary kiln production line with daily capacity of 2200tons has been put into operation in the world and many lime rotary kiln with daily capacity of 150-500tons has been built with good operation situation which is suitable for applying in middle or small scale lime enterprises.
2. Rotary Kiln belongs to open type calcining, the structure of kiln body is simple, airflow is unblock, the gas containing S could be exhausted in time meanwhile the S during burning is hard to adhering so the sulphur content of products is low which could meet the steel-making requirements. At the same time material will go ahead evenly inside kiln with even heating, so the quality of production is stable and crude burning rate and over-burning rate is very low thus it could calcine high activity lime for steel-making. Under the same condition, lime activity produced by rotary kiln which could be 340-380ml or even 400ml is over 30ml higher on average than that manufactured by gas kiln.
3. Rotary Kiln could directly calcine 10-50mm fine power level limestone, normally 0-30mm fine power level limestone accounting for 30-40% of total volume which couldn’t be used for other type kiln. Complying with the fineness of steel raw material, sintering gradually takes use crude lime instead of limestone, as fine limestone couldn’t be used comprehensively. Rotary kiln production line could not only use good limestone ore resources, but also meets the lime industry sustainable development policies.
4. Utilizing vertical preheater in kiln end could adequately use high temperature smoke created by calcining inside of kiln which could initially pre-break down from normal temperature preheating. This could not only largely increase output of rotary kiln, but also fully decrease heat consumption each unit product.
Utilizing vertical cooler in kiln head could not only cool quickly of high temperature lime and increase activity, but also it is convenient for conveying and saving. Meanwhile it could gain high temperature 2nd wind when entering into kiln, which could efficiently increase temperature inside of kiln, decrease burning consumption.
6、  The temperature of smoke discharged from vertical preheater of kiln end is low, normally it is between 280-350℃, whose dust containing is about 20g/Nm3, that is really low, this could make simple and efficient follow-up smoke treatment meanwhile the gas after treated could meet the environment protection standard. 
7.  the most important advantage of lime produced by rotary kiln is stable
Seen from total development trend, our active lime production equipment should focus on local market. Not only for adaptability of manufacturing capacity, but also for adequately utilizing good limestone ore resources, rotary kiln both have better developing future.
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