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Large-Scale Papermaking Pulper


Large-Scale Papermaking Pulper
Pengfei Group Company self-developed series pulper fromΦ2 to Φ3.3 – large-scale papermaking repulping equipment which adopts advantage of those imported from Germany. The equipment has optimized in rotary speed of shell, angle of repupling plate, hole direction and hole type of each screen, the flowing position and methods for miscellany in waste paper, meanwhile it could ensure that the waste paper will be degradated into paper pulp without any disturb of paper fibers.  At the same time, the power consumption of Φ3.3 repulping reduces 150KW than that of imported equipment, as our equipment added various frequency auxiliary transmission systems.
  In recent years, papermaking industry developed quickly, while large-scale papermaking equipment brought forth the new through the old. As the structure of large-scale repulping of papermaking industry is similar as our rotary kiln, we employed some professionals to make research on repulping of papermaking industry and collect some reliable information, then some other people analyzed carefully, then designed, developed and optimized current structure of repulping, thus the performance of equipment increased, energy saving effect is obvious and implement an important overflying of cross-industry for our products.

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