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Compound Fertilizer Equipment

At present, local fertilizer producing ways are: Extruding, Grain Cluster, Slurry. Extruding Ways due to the limits on appearance quality, grade and machine sowing fertilizer has been out of fashion. Slurry way because of complicated processing and too much investment only is used by few large enterprises, meanwhile Grain Cluster way due to simple processing, less investment is widely used whose main defects is that experience factor is very important during the production. Others, kind of raw material and ingredient has great effort on processing. Especially for high nitrogen urea-based rehabilitation (co-) mixed fertilizer, N/K type and some special ingredient fertilizer, production is too hard, and sometimes even couldn be produced. Spraying granulation equipment made by Pengfei group has solved this problem, largely increased the granulating efficiency, enlarged the flexibility of operation, improved the appearance quality, increased the output, decreased power consumption and strengthened the products?competition in the market. .
chemical machineries and equipped with electrical controlling systems. 11 products passed engineering verification of region and province gradually, 6pcs won national new products, 5products got the good quality product certification from region and province, and passed 18 patents and 22 high technology products certificate. While our main product are: Pengfei Rotary Kiln, Ball Grinding Mill, Crusher, Cooler, Humidifier, Dust Collector, Vertical Mill, Rolling Machine, Dryer and some other cement machinery equipments together with electric controlling equipments and so on. After 40 years development, company has built one stop service from designing, manufacturing, installing, debugging to turn key to customers. And Pengfei Cement Equipments has been exported to Southeast of Asia, South America, and Middle Africa and received good comments from customers for years.
01)LP type Vertical Crusher
02)WP type High Efficient Horizontal type Chain-breaking Machine
03)LJ type Vertical Mixer
04)ZJ/SJ type double-shaft humidifier Blender
05)PDG NPK type Batching Scales special for Fertilizer
06)LXC type Screw Electrical Scale
07)PY type Disc Granulator
08)TQT type Drum Granulator
09)PZ type Spraying Granulating Dryer
10)Rotary Cooler
11)Rotary Dryer
12)TD75 type Belt Conveyor
13)HL/TH type Bucket Elevator
14)Rotary Package Machine ( Talcum Powder Extinguishers)
15)ZDS Vibrating Screen
16)Rotary Screen
17)Bubbling Fluidized Bed Cooler
18)CLK type Screw Dust Collector
19)JXD type Assembled Electric Dust-Collector
20)CDW type Horizontal type Electric Dust-Collector
21)Air Slide Pulse Bag type Dust Collector
22)Wet Processing Ball Mill
23)Wind Swept Steel Ball Mill
24)Titanium Pigment Rotary Kiln
25)Titanium Pigment Cooler
26)Quick Water Extractor special for Gypsums
27)Convertor special for Gypsums
28)PHGF type Bubbling Burner
Welcome to contact Pengfei Group for detailed specification of above equipments.

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Compound Fertilizer Equipment
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