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φ3.6×32m dryer
φ3.6×32m dryer
A. Technical parameters & performances
    1st Spec.: φ3.6×32m
    2nd Capacity: ≥106t/h(wet slag)
    3rd Primary moisture content of material ≤15%        Final moisture content of material≤1%
    4th Shell inclination: 3%
    5th Shell rotating speed: 3r/min
6th Supporters: 2sets
7th Sealing type:flap elastic plate sealing
8th drying type:downstream
9th Max. inlet temperature: 700-800℃
    10th Outlet gas temperature: 120-130℃(decided by process)
    11th Lifting blade: lift-type ( segregate)
    12th Thrust roller type: mechanical thrust roller
    13th Cooling water consumption of each set of thrust roller: 2m3/h
    14th Motor type: Y355M2-6  185KW
            Rated rotating speed:1000r/min
            Rated voltage: 380V 
    15th Reducer type: JH400-SW-25 
    16th Equipment weight: 248t
    B. Main spare part material quality
    (a)rotary section
    1st Shell   material quality Q235-B                   1pc
    2nd Rolling ring   material quality ZG45   HB>180             2pcs
    3rd Bull gear   material quality ZG45   HB>200                 1pc
    4th Lifting blade (board copy)   Q235-A                          1set
     (b)supporting device
    1st Roller supporting section (one group)
      Roller ZG340-640  HB>190                     2pcs
     Roller shaft 45#  HB>210                           2pcs
     Base of roller shaft  assembly parts         1pc
   2nd thrust roller/roller supporting section (one group)
      Roller ZG340-640  HB>190                     2pcs
      Roller shaft 45#  HB>210                           2pcs
      Thrust roller  ZG340-640  HB>190           1pc
      Thrust roller shaft 45#  HB>210                   2pcs
      Thrust roller/roller bearing base assembly parts        1pc
    (c)pinion section
    1st pinion  40Cr  HB>207-269                  1pc
    2nd pinion shaft  45#  HB>217-265             1pc
    3rd pinion bearing base  assembly parts      1set
    (d) transmission device
1st Motor: Y355M2-6  185KW                     1pc
 2nd Reducer: JH400-SW-25                         1pc
    3rd Coupling  assembly parts                       1set
    4th Transmission device base    assembly parts        1pc
    (e)Loading device(Include sealing 1Cr18Ni9Ti ) Q235-A    1set
(f)Discharge device(Include sealing 1Cr18Ni9Ti) Q235-A        1set
(g)Bull gear cover   assembly parts        1pc
    C Supply range
    Rotary section                                             1set
    Bull gear cover                                          1pc
Load device (include sealing):                       1set
Discharge device (includes sealing):           1set
Roller bearing device                                     1pc 
Roller bearing device with thrust roller          1pc
Transmission device:                                       1set
Motor 1pc  Reducer 1pc   Coupling 1set
          One set motor and reducer
Pinion Device:                                               1set
                  Pinion  1pc      Pinion shaft 1pc 
                  Pinion bearing base   1set
Foundation bolt                                               1set
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