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Rolling Machine/Roller mill

Rolling Machine/Roller mill

     Rolling Machine is develop in the middle of 1980s’, which is a new cement and saved energy powder grinding equipment. It can displace the low efficiency and high consumption ball mill in part of completely. Reduce the steel consumption and noise. It’s suitable to not only new plant construction but also technical revision of old plant. Raise the output by 40 to 60 percent and reduce the power consumption by 20 to 35 percent. The material which its fineness is 0.8mm covers 20 to 35 percent after squeezing the material. The fineness is less than 20mm which is covered 65 to 85 percent. The inner structure of small lump is filled with tiny cracks. Improve the easy abrasively. The roller face is heat weld build up. It’s easy to maintenance in the abrasive layer.



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