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Global export base of industrial kiln and energy-saving grinding equipment
Pengfei Group is the global export base of industrial kiln and energy-saving grinding equipment,the industry "One Belt and One Road" strategy and the "International Capacity Cooperation" model enterprise.With equipment general contracting capabilities such as equipment R&D,equipment installation,engineering commissioning,and technical services,We completed the national industrial revitalization,the National Torch Program,the national key new products,the first set of major equipment,and independent innovation products identification 52;25 effective invention patents,4 PCT patents,We participated in the draft of 7 national standards such as "Rotary Kiln for Cement Industry","Tube Mill for Cement Industry" and 18 industry standards such as "cooling machine for cement industry".The leading product rotary kiln system, grinding equipment and cement production line have been in the forefront of the domestic industry for many years. It is the leading enterprise of China cement machinery and the advanced collective of the national building materials industry.
Metallurgy field: laterite nickel ore roasting kiln, lithium ore roasting kiln, gold ore smelting kiln, iron chrome reduction kiln, copper mine furnace, steel pellets,large-scale mining mill, vertical coal mill, etc.
Rotary Kiln System: Rotary Kiln, Preheater, Decomposition Furnace, Dryer, Cooler, Control System
Grinding equipment: vertical mill, roller press, separator, tube mill, control system
Project of Metallurgy field
No. Project name Project general situation
1 Guangxi Beihai Chengde Nickel Industry Co.,LTD.  φ5.2×118m rotary kiln 2 Unit
2 Qinghai Qinghua Mining&metallurgy project group Co.,LTD.  φ5×35m rotary kiln 1 Unit
3 Jiangsu Moun Top Group Liyang Metallurgy engineering technol  φ4.88×68m rotary kiln 1Unit
4 Linyi Huixiang Trade Co.,LTD.  φ4.85×75m rotary kiln 1unit
5 South Africa MITTAL Company  φ4.8×80m rotary kiln 2unit
6 Sinkiang Toksun New Homeland XHD Material technology Develop  φ4.8×70m rotary kiln 1 Unit
7 Hunan Hongjiang City Zhenyuan Vanadium Electricity Co.,LTD.  φ4.5×90m Rotary kiln 2 Unit
8 Jiangsu Kangyang International Co.,LTD.  φ4.4×100m Rotary kiln 2 Unit
9 Guangdong Guangqing Metal Technology Co.,LTD.  φ4.4×100m Rotary kiln 4 Unit
10 Hunan Changsha Kuangye Research Institute  φ4.0×60m Rotary kiln 1 Unit
11 Gansu Jiayuguan Dayou Company  φ4.0×60m Rotary kiln 1 Unit
12 Skikiang Bole City zhengda Calcium Industry Co.,Ltd.  φ4.0×60m Rotary kiln 1 Unit
13 Mutual Minfa Ash Chemical Industry Development Co.,Ltd.  φ4.0×60m Rotary kiln 1 Unit
14 Hunan Xintong Building Material Co.,LTD.  φ3.5×56m Rotary kiln 1 unit
15 Sinkiang Ruihesheng Mining Industry Co.,Ltd.  φ3.2×50m Rotary kiln 1 unit
16 Sinkiang Zhonghuida Lime Co.,Ltd.  φ3.5×60m Rotary kiln 1 unit
17 Suzhou Zhongshi Calcium Compound Engineering Co.,LTD.  φ3.5×55m Rotary kiln 1 unit
18 Qinghai Huzhu Minfa Building Material Co.,LTD.  φ4×60m rotary kiln 1 Unit
19 Sinkiang Toksun New Homeland&Material Co.,Ltd.  φ4.8×70m rotary kiln 1 Unit
20 Vietnam THEP VIET Steel Co., LTD.  φ4.8×70m rotary kiln 1unit
21 Jiangsu Lianfeng steel Co.,LTD.  φ4.88×68m rotarykiln 1Unit
22 Baicheng jiayu calcium industry Co.,LTD.  φ3.5×52m Rotary kiln 1 unit
23 Baicheng jiayu calcium industry Co.,LTD.  φ4.5×65m Rotary kiln 2 Unit
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